Screen Printing Perth

What is screen printing?

Screen printing (often referred to as silk screen printing) is the method of ink being pushed through a pre-prepare stencil into fabric to create the desired image and then cured through a dryer.

Why choose screen printing

Screen Printing is the most popular method for printing on tee shirts as it allows for a very light weight logo to be added to the garment, as well as being a popular option for large back prints seen on polos and hoodies. Screen printing is the most cost-effective method for large volume orders, or smaller orders if they require a 1 – 3 colour print.

Screen printing vs embroidery

Screen printing is favored over embroidery when printing on tee shirts (cotton), when the design is larger than approximately 15cm, and/or when fine details are involved.

Screen printing at Aussie Gold

Aussie gold is fortunate to have some of the best and latest screen-printing equipment on the market with 3 new high tech, top of the range pieces of equipment being added in 2018 – 2019.
Innovation is at the forefront of this industry, so keeping up to date with the latest tech is of the upmost importance.

With the stencil preparation and set up being a lengthy process, Aussie gold does have a minimum of 20 items for screen printing. However, good news if your order requires smaller units as we have two other methods of printing suitable for orders as small as 1 item! Eco friendly inks available are always a huge plus – enquire within for more details on our eco-friendly and water-based range of inks!

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Aussie Gold provides the highest quality embroidery, screen printing and digital transfer services, complemented by an in-house graphic designer.

We deliver on time with a fast turnaround. At Aussie Gold we strive to help your business, sporting team, school or association make an impression.

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