What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the method of reproducing your logo onto garments or promotional materials through the use of stitches using thread.

This is the most common logo embellishment used on polo shirts and jackets.

Why choose embroidery

Having your company logo embroidered on your uniform allows your staff to be instantly recognizable, and instill a sense of trust within the minds of clients and customers.Embroidered uniforms will also help staff feel as part of a team in turn, boosting overall confidence.

Embroidered shirts offer a more corporate and professional appearance when compared to screen printing. With first impressions being so long lasting, an embroidered uniform will ensure you are off to the best start when approaching and speaking with clients.

Embroidery vs Screen printing

Embroidery is commonly used for left chest logos on polos, business shirts and jackets, where screen printing is the preferred method for tee shirts and large designs.

Embroidery at Aussie Gold

Aussie gold has successfully remained at the forefront of the uniform industry for a few key reasons, one of which being the IN HOUSE operation. Where a lot of uniform supply company outsource Embroidery /Screen printing and other embellishments, Aussie gold believe that in house operation in key for quality control.

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Aussie Gold provides the highest quality embroidery, screen printing and digital transfer services, complemented by an in-house graphic designer.

We deliver on time with a fast turnaround. At Aussie Gold we strive to help your business, sporting team, school or association make an impression.

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