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What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of recreating a logo onto fabric through the stitching of thread.

An embroidered logo is the most common embellishment type for thicker fabrics and professional garments such as polo shirts, business shirts, jackets and jumpers. Known for it’s long lasting durable style, it makes the perfect addition to perfect addition to corporate wear, workwear, hospitality uniforms, school uniforms and more!

At Aussie Gold, we have over 20+ years of experience creating beautifully embroidered uniforms and workwear for clients across the Perth region. What started as a small operation, with owner Richard Neto learning to operate and run the embroidery machine himself, has become a highly advanced operation. With over 500 thread colours available and a highly skilled staff that specialise in embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment printing and more.

While our operation may have grown, we still put the same time, care, and quality control into every garment that we embroider. Find out more about how our team can create professional, polished embroidered logos for your business today!

Why Choose Embroidery?

Thinking about adding embroidered logos to your workwear or uniforms? Here are some of the reasons we think embroidery is a great option for your business attire.

It's Affordable

Embroidery may look expensive, but it is the most cost effective method of embellishing your logo. Starting at just $8 for a standard left chest sized logo, embroidery is discounted further depending on the number of shirts ordered. We discount our units at orders starting at 20, 50 and 100 units.

Professional Finish

Embroidery is by far the most polished option for uniforms and offers the most professional finish. The high-quality materials used in embroidery deliver a product that looks sophisticated and promotes a sense of trust to your staff and clients.

Super Durable

While screen prints can often fade and wear down over their lifetime, embroidery is extremely durable. In fact, most embroidery will often outlast the fabric of your garment. Which makes it a great option for clothing for tradesmen and school uniforms.

Low minimum orders

You don’t have to worry about spending and ordering more than you need with embroidery! At Aussie Gold, Our minimum order for embroidery is set to 10 units, which keeps your costs down.

Compared to screen printings 20 unit minimum, embroidery is perfect for a smaller run of uniforms or promotional caps and bags.

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Why Embroidery May Not be Right for Your Business

  • Complex logo: We love colourful, intricate logos! However, if you’re looking to get them embellished on workwear or promotional products, embroidery is probably not the best option for you. We find that logos with small details or gradients often don’t reflect accurately like they do with screen printing or direct to garment. If you’re not sure your logo or design is right for embroidery, just give our friendly team a call! We have an in-house embroidery department who will happily chat with you and give you advice on either simplifying your logo or helping you decide on an alternative embellishment method.


  • PMS Matching: If you’re looking for a 100% exact colour match then embroidery may not be right for your brand. Embroidering uses premade threads, and while we have over 506 colours to choose from, an exact PMS matching is not possible.If you want to see what your logo would look with the colours we provide, we do provide samples for $20. If you don’t think embroidery is the right option for your uniforms and workwear there are plenty of other great options that we provide! Check out our screen printing, digital transfers, sublimation printing or direct to garment pages for information about the other great services we offer.

Aussie Gold's 4 Step Embroidery Process

Choose Your Items

The first step is to start shopping! We carry a fantastic range of products that you can purchase online, or at our showroom in Osbourne Park. Don’t see what you’re looking for online?

Get in touch with our team with what you’re looking for and our sales staff will be happy to help.

Quote Approval

Once you’ve selected your garments and quantities, we’ll send through an official quote for your approval. You can either approve this quote, or If you’ve decided you need to change styles, colours or quantities, we can adjust it for you! We want to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.


Once your quote is approved, we’ll need you to send through your logo! And once that’s received, that’s when the real magic happens!

Our experienced embroidery technicians will digitise your logo, which is then transformed into a stitch format for our embroidery machines to read. We’ll get your approval of the digitised logo before it goes to print!

After, our technicians and top of the line embroidery machine get to work printing your logo on your chosen garments!

Embroidering Begins

In 7-10 days, your stock will arrive into our embroidery department, been checked and prepped for embroidery, then loaded onto our 8 headed machines with your embroidery file and thread colours. Then our technicians and machine get to work embellishing your logo on your new garments.

Once finished, we’ll let you know that your order is ready! You can either arrange to pick it up or we offer flat rate shipping across Perth!

FAQ's about Embroidery Services

Still have questions? Well we’ve got answers! Find out more about our embroidery services for uniforms and workwear below. And if you still have questions. feel free to get into contact with our helpful staff.

Can I see a sample embroidery before I place my order?

Yes, you can! While we always send a digital embroidery file prior to starting on your embellishments, you may still want to see the logo as a finished, embroidered product.

Our sample embroidering is done on a piece of cloth, the same colour as the majority of your ordered garments

This process does incur a $20 sample fee. This is because for us to run an embroidery sample we have to pause our 8 headed embroidery machine and adjust it for just your sample.

What is your minimum order for embroidery? I only have a few items to start with.

The minimum order for embroidery is 10 items. Due to the time taken to set up the machine we are unable to process orders of less than 10 items per order.


I have an event coming up, how quickly can I have embroidery done?

While our standard turn-around is 10 working days, we do everything on site making us super flexible!Depending on the stock, we can generally have an order ready in as quick as 2-3 days from approval.

Please do let us know at first point of contact if you are needing your order for a specific date.

Can I bring my own items to be embellished?

You sure can! Different fees do apply to supplied items, as the cost of embroidery is generally to compliment the sale of the garment. If the garment is not purchased through us, the  embellishment price is slightly higher.

Embroidery is not possible on all fabric types, please email sales@aussiegold.com.au to further enquire if your item is embroidery compatible on our equipment.

How much does embroidery cost?

The embroidery price is dependent on the below factors:

1. Quantity: There are price discounts applied at 10, 20, 50, 100 ect.

2. Size of logo: The size of the logo dictates its time on the machine, and the amount of thread and resources used. There is a price break for a larger than standard logo (size of a tennis ball completely filled in with stitches), or large back logos (Leavers numbers ect)

Embroidered work uniforms allow your staff to maintain a professional, polished style that makes them standout allows you to promote your company in a professional manner, and instil a sense of trust between yourself and your clients.

Why Should businesses choose embroidery?

Having your company logo embroidered on your uniform allows your staff to be instantly recognizable, and is proven to instill a sense of trust within the minds of clients and customers. Embroidered uniforms will also help staff feel as part of a team in turn, boosting overall confidence.

Shirts with an embroidered logo offer a more corporate and professional appearance when compared to screen printing. With first impressions being so long lasting, an embroidered uniform will ensure you are off to the best start when approaching and speaking with clients.

What is the difference between embroidery and screen printing?

While both can create beautiful looking embellishments, they are two very different services that provide two  different end results.

Embroidery uses thread to create your logo- Usually added to  the left side chest for polos, business shirts and jackets. It has a very professional finish, but does have limited colour options.

Screen printing on the other hand has a limitless amount of colours, and is often the go to choice for tee shirt designs for events, clothing labels and more. This is because your design options are less restricted. We recommend screen printing for tee shirts and large designs.

Ready to Make Your Logo Stand Out?

Aussie Gold provides the highest quality embroidery, screen printing and digital transfer services, complemented by an in-house graphic designer.

We deliver on time with a fast turnaround. At Aussie Gold we strive to help your business, sporting team, school or association make an impression.

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