Direct to Garment

What is Direct to garment (D2G)

Direct to garment printing is the method of printing where artwork is digitally printed straight from computer to cotton fabrics.

Why choose Direct to garment

D2G printing has a higher resolution for gradient printing which makes it ideal for photos or images with a high colour count. Direct to garment printing is especially cost effective for those low quantity orders. Where screen printing is more cost effective for larger batch orders, direct to garment pricing shines with smaller batches, or photo images.

Direct to Garment at Aussie Gold

Aussie Gold purchased a brand new, market leading D2G machine in 2019.

This machine creates astonishingly clear and crisp prints from high quality imagery, and best part about it- NO MINIMUMS! not often will you hear that!

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Aussie Gold provides the highest quality embroidery, screen printing and digital transfer services, complemented by an in-house graphic designer.

We deliver on time with a fast turnaround. At Aussie Gold we strive to help your business, sporting team, school or association make an impression.

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