Polo Shirts

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Looking for a professional, but comfortable option for your team’s business attire? The polo shirt is a great choice for companies looking for an attractive alternative to traditional business shirt. They’re also popular for school uniforms and often used as after game attire for sporting teams to present as spirited and unified squad.

At Aussie Gold, we carry a great range of polo shirts for Women, Men and Kids in a variety of sizes, colours and fabric types. Perfectly suited to your brands colours and the different body types of your employees! If you want to try before you place your order, you can come down to our showroom in Osbourne park to view our products and try them on. We carry the most trusted brands in uniform clothing including: AS ColourBiz CollectionJB’s wear and more.

Once you’ve selected the style of polo shirt that you would like for your uniforms, our team can personalise your shirts with our professional embroidery and screen-printing services. We have over 21 years of experience in creating professional workwear for businesses, using top of the line equipment to produce outstanding logos and embellishments for your clothing.

Polo shirts are also perfect for businesses including: healthcare, gyms and sporting recreation, Events, education or training, transport & tourism, retails uniforms and trades & workwear that don’t require Hi-vis.

Looking for something other than polo shirts? Check out our great range of business wear, workwear and more!

Showing 1–16 of 63 results