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Be it Healthcare, Age Care, Dental, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Beauty or even Childcare, Aussie gold has an extensive range to suit a large variety of different needs. This range focuses on comfortability, versatility and practicality as we understand these are crucial uniform elements within these fields.

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Medical uniforms and nursing scrubs have options that offer an anti-bacterial uniform treatment to ensure they have protection against bacteria often found in these working environments.In these forever changing innovated industries, a modern and up to date uniforms really will help instill a sense of faith and trust in the minds of your clients.

The healthcare and medical industry have experienced a boom in western Australia over the past few years. With the rise of competition, be sure to be presented professionally and at the forefront of your industry through professional healthcare uniform.

Medical scrubs have had an influx of modern options arise over the past year. Scrubs are no longer boring, and now have a range offering colour identifying tabs to scrubs, enabling the uniform to categorize nurses and doctors of different field and levels. (for example, nurses in training can have a blue arm band so other staff can easily identify this)

Biz collection, Biz care and Jbs wear are the leading brands in the field of Medical workwear.

Showing 1–16 of 28 results