Kindy Tees

Kindy tees are one of the quickest growing trends.
No parent wants to have their child returning home with paint all over the spring dress that auntie Suzie bought them!
With the option of imported or Australian made tees, this makes the day in the life of a parent turn from a chaotic morning pulling out clothes that are deemed to be ‘ruin worthy’ to a simple breeze of pulling out your kindy tee.
With a range of over 27 colours, we can print onto your child’s favourite colour, or over a range of colours to keep each day interesting!

The design
The design is generally drawn by a member of the kindy class, or drawn up by the teacher/parent organising the tees. We also have a range of images that your school can choose from, and then incorporate the school name into the print.
EG:  “I’m a Vic Park Kindy Kid”
How to order
Contact our friendly schools coordinator “Paula” to help you along the way. (
Paula will let you know that the first step is to organise the design. Once this step is complete our graphics department will create a mock up for you. You can then put this mock up together with an order form to hand out to the parents in your class. This way, they will be aware of the design, colours and pricing.
Please keep in mind, we do have a minimum order number of 20 items, however you will find that most parents will want a few.
Once you have the total order quantities together, email this back to Paula or pop in store if you would prefer to have a chat in person J


2 Weeks later- BAM! Printed and ready for collection or dispatch!
-Easy mornings for parents and child; cute united looking class and a bit of exposure when out and about for the school. Everyone is a winner.

If you would like some more information on Kindy tees, call, email or come see us via the below contact details:
Drive:  75 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park, WA
Talk: (08) 92443444