4 Steps to Perfect Band Merchandise!

Band merch is all the rave!
Not only does it help promote and spared brand / ‘Band’ awareness, but it’s also a quick and easy way for some extra cash.

Step 1
Pick a tee shirt.
With males being the main audience for band merchandise, a black Tee is the most common garment. (We all know guys can’t keep a white tee clean for more than 37 min)
Quality and cut are the two variables that need to be considered.
Below are the top three trending tee brands for band merchandise.

1. AS Colour
As colour is one of the quickest growing garment brands in the state.  With their blank tees being sold in retails store with the likes of Culture Kings, Universal Store, General pants co and City Beach. They have a recommended retail price of $20-$30 per tee, however wholesalers such as Aussie Gold give discounted rates when over 20 are purchased and they are receiving embellishments.
20x AS Colour printed tees + 1 colour print: $15.85

2. Gildan
An oldie but a goodie.
Gildan tees have been around since before Kendal and Kylie were even a thing.
With the Gods on the music industry having incorporated this into tour merch for decades, Gidans most recent stardom has been expressed through Kanye wests “Yeezy” and “Life of Pablo” merch.
20x Gildan Tees + 1 colour print: $12.50

Made for comfort, made to last. Jbs tee is a little wider than most tees, giving a less fitted appearance. This is by far the most popular tee in terms of durability due to its slightly thicker fabric.
Jbs is a classic, and you cannot go wrong here.
20x Jbs tees + 1 colour print: $12

Step 2.
How many to get.
Minimum order quantity’s is at 20 items, however discounted garment and printing costs are granted at quantities of 50 and 100. If the band has a large following of family and friends then the 50 quantity’s break should be easily done, however if you are just starting out, then you may want to test the waters with a small order of 20.
Everyone also loves a free tee shirt! Grab a potato gun, load it with a tee shirt and watch the crowd go crazy! So left overs will never go to waste!

Step 3.

Print design.
There are two ways you could go with this.
If your band has a logo or emblem, then this is an obvious pick. This is also most helpful in terms of spreading brand awareness. A different option you could take, is the graphics from an album or EP launch.
The most important thing to keep in mind, is that the piece increases as the colours in the design increase. If you are keen on keeping the costs friendly for the pocket, then keep it a one colour print design J

Once the style, quantity and design are all sent through to sales@aussiegold.com.au one of our friendly staff, we will send you back a quote and mock-up. This then has a 10 day turn-around form approval.


Side note: While tees are the most common and popular item due to the low costing, jumpers, singlets, caps and stubby holders are among other options. Inquire within for details on these options.

If you would like some more information on Band merchandise, call, email or come see us via the below contact details:
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